Customer Value Through Personalization

i2H seeks to create a platform that enables consumer brands to deepen and broaden their engagement with existing customers. While most marketing technology companies focus on customer acquisition, the ROI of post-sale engagement and retention is actually far larger.


While most companies in the Marketing Technology sector are focused on the customer acquisition end of the sales funnel, i2H’s objective is to create the leading platform for brands to use in expanding and deepening their post-sale customer engagement and retention. By using available customer data, combined with state-of-the-art machine learning, and customer experience, i2H’s solution ensures far superior outcomes with programs that are created in a more automated fashion, allowing marketers to focus on strategy, rather than tactics.

Rollup Clients

Strategic clients in CPG, retailer, online/offline commerce, health, financial, teleco, utilities, communication and SaaS/tech.

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Comprehensive Offering to Meet Industry Needs

Upgrading legacy systems and technology infrastructure to drive digital transformation has become imperative to optimize clients’ customer experience, deliver data-based insights, enable greater collaboration and improve agility, productivity and innovation.

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Deep Bench of Senior Management

The i2H leadership team brings a unique vision by combining 35+ years of experience in digital marketing technologies, high growth management, capital raising, and mergers & acquisitions. The team includes executives who have:

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